Check out our troubleshooting methods if your Pogo games are crashing, freezing, not loading, or not connecting, Pogo not load.

How to fix a Pogo game that wont load

Check to see if your setup meets the requirements.

You must have at least 8 gigabytes (GB) of RAM on your computer to play Pogo.

The following are the requirements for playing HTML5 games:

Windows 10 is the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system.

  • The system makes use of 8GB of RAM.
  • Safari or Mozilla Firefox are two browsers that are compatible.

Mac OS Sierra (10.13.6) or later is required.

  • The system makes use of 8GB of RAM.
  • All supported browsers are Chrome, Edge, and Mozilla Firefox.

Examine your computer’s specifications.

Windows 10 is the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system.

  • Select the Start button (or tap the Windows key on the keyboard).
  • Type “RAM” into the search box.
  • Select View RAM Info from the menu.
  • Check the installed RAM under the Device Specs section.


  • Toggle the Apple icon.
  • Choose About This Mac from the menu.
  • After you’ve memorised the number, double-check it.

HTML5 browsers that aren’t supported

  • Internet Explorer 11 (AOL)
  • Internet Explorer 11 (Opera)
  • Versions of Internet Explorer that
  • Mozilla Firefox is no longer supported.
  • Pale Moon Safari is a free web browser for Windows (the last supported version was 5.1.7).
  • Sea Monkey

Pogo not load : Games that are either freezing or not loading

Try these methods if a game is freezing or not loading properly:

  • Shut off your browser.
  • Ensure that all other programmes have been closed. Because HTML5 uses a lot of memory, shutting everything else down can make it operate more smoothly.
  • Go to in your browser once more. Close off any other browser tabs or windows and just have Pogo open.
  • Try clearing the cache in your browser. Search for your browser name + “clean cache” on a search engine like Google to learn how to do it.
  • Disable any pop-up blockers you may have installed. These programmes can occasionally prevent Pogo from working correctly in your browser.
  • Do you use Internet Explorer? Reset your Internet Explorer browser settings if it doesn’t work. This will turn off any superfluous plugins, such as pop-up blockers, that may be creating problems.
  • If deleting your cache doesn’t help, switch to a different browser.
  • Internet Explorer 11 and Safari are not recommended.
  • If the game you’re having difficulties with has a Wednesday Challenge, it’s the most likely cause of the problem, especially if you’re playing on a Wednesday.
  • When a game’s server traffic is too heavy, it causes certain players’ games to be disrupted.

If this happens, try again in a few hours or in a game room with fewer players.


How to fix Java problems in Pogo games?

Internet Explorer 11 is the best browser that supports Java plugins. Make sure that you are using IE11 as a pogo browser to play online games. if you cannot load java games from pogo, then click on the “Tools” symbol in the right top corner and tap on “Manage addons”, further look for Java applications and enable them immediately. When being prompted to run Java, choose to always allow and start playing your favorite games now.

Pogo not load : Are you still having problems?

If you are still unable to load and play your Pogo games, try the following alternatives:

  • If the game has loaded but you can’t see the entire game screen, check your internet browser to see if your resolution settings are incorrect.
  • Some Pogo games may not be available from the Start screen if you are running Windows 8. Navigate to the desktop screen.

If you have any other issues,

Please report any bugs you find in our Pogo forums to Answers HQ.

Please contact us if you require additional assistance.

Despite performing the above task, if you cannot make your games load, then access “Programs” on your pc and remove all installed java versions. Now download the latest version of Java from the internet and install it. Reboot your browser for full effects, then try playing your games, and do not forget to allow Java at Customers should contact Speak to pogo customer care when unexpected issues bother while playing any games.