We’ve prepared a guide to show you how to fix the PlayStation 4 NP-37602-8 error code that sometimes occurs when you try to connect your PS4 to a service like YouTube or Twitter.

PlayStation 4 error code NP-37602-8

After installing the PS 7.51 update people started seeing this error on the PlayStation 4 console. This error mostly occurs when trying to upload a video to YouTube via PS4. And if you take a look at Dowdetter, which shows downtime for online services, you can see that Youtube PS4 errors are occurring.

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People complain on Twitter and also write on Google forums while we are talking. An official PlayStation help page wrote this message, which drove people crazy: “We couldn’t get a match error. Please check and try again. “

If you have seen this error, do not worry. Otherwise known as a YouTube connection error, a fix needs to be fixed and after this fix we can get our PS4 console online.

How to fix YouTube error on PlayStation 4 (code NP-37602-8)?

When this happens, however, you can possibly connect to YouTube using other devices, such as your smartphone, the bridging service between PSN and Youtube fails.

Currently, there is only one solution to this YouTube problem (error code NP-37602-8) on PlayStation. As of this writing, Sony engineers are working on a problem with YouTube. Service must be restored within a short period of time. So, until this is resolved, you can wait and try to download your videos with other devices.