Pogo offers one of the best online gaming experiences, but there are times when you may experience issues with Pogo games. At worst, your Pogo Club account may be banned by administrators for several reasons. If you believe that banning your Pogo account was a mistake, you should contact EA and let them know about it. Like this.

  • Access EA Support and click Contact Us. Choose a game from which your Pogo account has been suspended or banned. If it is on your EA account, choose Basic.
  • Select your platform. Choose Manage My Account, then click on Suspended or Prohibited Account.
Pogo Account is Banned
  • Provide the necessary details to the Pogo Support Agent. For example, if you have selected the original, you may be asked if you access it through the original subscription. Select the selected contact option. Log in to your suspended or prohibited account.
  • If you cannot log in, enlist the help of an advisor.
  • You will fill out the web form by email to see that your case provides as much information as possible. The object must indicate the reason for the product or game for which you have obtained suspension or restriction and your username. Your subject line looks as if the forbidden account responds to HQ- nameid000
  • Describe your concern in the text box below the subject line. You should provide your username with detailed information about your case, including any information or error messages received from the email address you used to suspend or restrict the account. Your username is your EA ID. You reply that the username HQ and identifier EA are the same. However, for a forum dedicated to a specific game, your username may be different to provide your username and forum as well as the language in which it is found.
  • You should indicate what is happening and why Pogo Technical Support should once again review the work done on your account. If you are playing on a mobile game, your email address may not be associated with that game. Send email to EA using the email address associated with your EA account. In this way you get information about the action taken on your game account.
  • Each form is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Emails about suspension and prohibition have been sent by noreply@ea.com, so search for emails from this address. The team managing suspended and prohibited accounts works only by e-mail and not by Pogo phone number. By submitting the form, your concern will be with this team.
  • If you have not received an email, then you should check your social, spam or junk files. See if there is any response from noreply@ea.com. Add this email address to your list of safe senders and if the team cannot remove you from the account of some games, follow their dispute resolution process, so you should use the link for the game you are playing there Huh. , He is on the list.
  • If you cannot connect to one of your non-EA or EA games, the Xbox or Playstation may block you. Consult the Xbox support or PlayStation support team for assistance. If you are not aware of which account is banned or suspended, then suspension or restriction can affect one of your accounts or your entire EA account.

We hope that if you follow these steps correctly, it will help you to resolve the issues. If you need help, please use the comment box and let us know.