A free bonus game is included in the PlayStation Plus lineup for March 2022. Normally, when Sony releases a new slate of PS Plus titles for subscribers each month, just three games are included. One of these three games is usually exclusive to the PlayStation 5, while the other two are PlayStation 4 compatible (and PS5 via backward compatibility). While there have been occasional exceptions to this rule in the past, Sony went a step further in March by adding a fourth game to the mix for PlayStation Plus users.

PlayStation Plus Monthly Games

And, sure, the game pick that was leaked was correct. The following are your PS Plus games for March 2022:

  • From March 15th, 2022, GTA Online (PS5) will get a bonus game.
  • The phantom runner (PS5)
  • Tsushima Ghost Legends (PS5, PS4)
  • Ark: Survival Evolved is a game about survival that has evolved over time (PS4).
  • Sonic Racing Team (PS4)

Free PS Plus Games for September 2022 are now available.

The free PlayStation Plus games have been updated by Sony for September 2022, and customers can currently download three new games.

Regardless of the tier they are subscribed to, customers can currently claim the free PlayStation Plus games for September 2022. For PlayStation Plus customers, the first Tuesday of every month is an exciting day since it signals the arrival of a new batch of free titles to add to their library. In the same way, PS Plus subscribers have until October 3 to claim the most recent free games as of Tuesday, September 6.

Three games are available as free PS Plus downloads for September 2022: Need for Speed Heat, Gran blue Fantasy Versus, and TOEM. Subscribers may choose from two PS4 games and one PS5 game. Need for Speed: Heat and Gran Blue Fantasy Versus are the PS4 titles in the list, while TOEM is the PS5 game. Of course, because the PS5 is backwards compatible with the PS4, owners of the PS5 can access all three titles.

For those who are not familiar with the games, Need for Speed: Heat is an honorable racing game that debuted in 2019, despite receiving largely negative reviews from reviewers. It is the most recent entry in EA’s venerable Need for Speed franchise, and a new game is undoubtedly in the works. Fans can use their PS Plus subscription to play Need for Speed Heat as they wait to discover more about the upcoming Need for Speed game.

  • Free PS Plus games in September 2022
  • Gran blue Fantasy (PS4) vs. Gran blue Fantasy (PS4)TOEM Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (PS5)

Meanwhile, Arc System Works, the same developer behind well-known fighting game releases like Dragon Ball Fighter Z and Guilty Gear Strive, has released the 2.5D fighting game Gran Blue Fantasy Versus. Gran blue Fantasy Versus is a fighting game adaptation of the Japan-exclusive JRPG Gran blue Fantasy. The Gran blue Fantasy anime, which was dubbed into English, might be more well-known outside of Japan.

The last independent game is TOEM, which debuted back in 2021. When it was first released, the photography game TOEM received largely favorable reviews, with compliments on its soundtrack, visual aesthetic, and original plot. Even while TOEM is considerably shorter and easier to finish than the other free PS Plus games for September 2022, it should still be enjoyable while it lasts.

Gran Blue Fantasy Versus, Need for Speed Heat, and TOEM are the three free PlayStation Plus games for September 2022 for the PS Plus Essential tier, but those who have the more expensive PS Plus Premium subscription have even more to look forward to this month. On September 20, PS Plus Premium will actually launch a whopping 17 games, including the highly regarded Death loop.