The WS-37397-9 error is the type of connection error on the PS4 where the PlayStation stops working on the network console. In most cases, this error occurs when the PSN is offline or when your IP address has been blocked for violation of the PlayStation Network Terms and Conditions. Common features of this error include your inability to: you can fix here PS4 PlayStation 4 Error Code WS-37397-9

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  •  Connect with PlayStation Store
  • Manage your account information, including wallet fees and voucher entry
  • Browse your download list
  • Activate or deactivate your system
  • Browse your trophies
  • Use remote playback via the internet

The recommended way to resolve the WS-37397-9 error on the PS4 is to check the status of the PSN and wait in the event of a failure to reconnect or request a new IP address. This guide provides some fixes to solve this problem. While some methods may work for some users, others may not.

Method 1: Checking the Status of The PlayStation Network

First, you need to make sure that the problem comes from PSN and not from you.

Fix PS4 PlayStation 4 Error

You will see all the services provided by PSN and its status, whether online or not. If the services are running and you still get this error, then it sounds like you were banned. Follow the steps of the other methods in this guide to solve your problem.

Fix PS4 PlayStation 4 Error

Method 2: Rebuild the database

  •     After listening for two beeps, turn off the PlayStation 4 by pressing and closing the power button, indicating that it is completely off.
  •     Boot into safe mode by holding power again for an additional 7 seconds.
  •     Connect the DualShock 4 controller via USB and press the PS button on the controller.
  •     Scroll through the list of options and select the rebuild database and press X when the process is complete, the PS4 will reboot.
  •     To run the Internet Connection Test go to Settings> Network> Test Internet Connection.

Method 3: Use Google DNS

  •     Go to Settings> Network> Configure internet connection
  •     Depending on how your PS4 is connected to your router, select WiFi or LAN.
  •     Select Custom and use the following settings:
  •     IP Address Settings: Automatic DHCP
  •     Hostname: Do not specify
  •     DNS Settings: Manual
  •     Primary DNS:
  •     Secondary DNS:
  •     MTU Settings: Automatic
  •     Proxy Server: Do not use

Method 4: Change Your IP Address

This is the final way to resolve the WS-37397-9 error. Changing your IP address to a new one will give you a new connection and give you access to the PSN. Use the suggestions below.

  •     Change your router or modem
  •     Contact your ISP to change your IP address
  •     If your ISP provides dynamic IP addresses, wait a few days and try to reconnect.