Alternatives to the famous word guessing game feature New York subway stations, Taylor Swift, and LGBTQ jargon.

People across the world wake up or remain up until the wee hours of the morning thinking about the new wordle of the day.

The online game is straightforward. You get six chances to guess the five-letter secret word for that day. If a letter turns green, it implies that you guessed it correctly and it’s in the correct location. A yellow tile indicates that the letter is present in the world but is not in the correct location. It’s back to the drawing board if it goes grey.

The game’s minimalism is mirrored in the user interface. The website is simple, with no distracting advertisements or images. Because fans only get one word per day, they must make the most of it.

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As the game’s popularity has grown in recent months, resulting in The New York Times paying a seven-figure sum for it, so has an interest in similar word puzzles. The game has spawned a slew of spin-off websites, each with its own twist or theme.

Here are 10 games that are comparable to Wordle that have something for everyone:

Wordle Alternatives Games


Josh Wardle famously designed Wordle for his puzzle-obsessed partner. Absurdly is more like Wordle’s evil twin, if Wordle was made for a nice and caring cause.

Absurdle is a “competitive” version of the game created by a developer known as Qntm. In Wordle, the game selects one word from its database, which the player must then guess. The goal of Absurdly is to make the game last as long as possible by exploiting your predictions against you. The program selects a collection of hidden words from a database of over 2,000 words that have the least resemblance to your guess. According to the game’s methodology, you must “tail absurdly into a corner” until the point when there is only one viable hidden word left.

Wordle created by you

While this option isn’t for those looking to challenge their minds with more problems, it does allow you to become a code master and stump your friends. Users can enter any length of word, and the game will generate a shared link to a variation of the famous Wordle game for others to play.


Dordle can be thought of as a multitasking version of Wordle. Instead of tackling one puzzle at a time, players must solve two at the same time. Every guess applies to both secret words, requiring your brain to work twice as hard to solve two puzzles. If this seems difficult, don’t fret; Dordle provides seven guesses instead of six.


If the only five-letter words that come to mind are profanity-laced, Lewdle might be the book for you. Players can guess from a bank of exclusively obscene vocabulary in Lewdle. Although the game only permits crude phrases, there is a “sheltered mode” option that accepts non-vulgar guesses.


Nerdle swaps letters for numbers if word puzzles aren’t your thing. In this game, participants use a combination of numbers and symbols to estimate an eight-figure mathematical equation. For the site to register your guess, the computation must be correct. Also, disregard what you learned about the cumulative property in middle school. In this game, order matters. Therefore, 10+20=30 will not suffice if the answer is 20+10=30.


Queerdle, dubbed the “yassification of Wordle,” adds a new word every day that ranges in length from four to eight letters and is always relevant to LGBTQ+ culture and community. Jordan Bouvier, who recently told Xtra Magazine that the idea was an outgrowth of his experience making friends on the Internet, designed the game.

They explained that “for me, this is my one chance each day to have a little bit of fun and levity.”

With a star, Wordle

Try Star Wordle if “Darth” or “Vader” is your go-to first-guess words. These alternate games’ secret words include terms and names associated with the Star Wars franchise and fan culture. “Saber” and “grogu” are two examples of words from the game’s instructions.


If you think you know your way around the New York subway system, put your knowledge to the test with Subwaydle. Players have six chances to guess a valid subway itinerary that involves three trains. For example, Friday’s challenge requires players to make two transfers from Jefferson Avenue to Wall Street.

Wordle Unlimited is a free online word game.

If you want to solve more than one Wordle puzzle per day, Wordle Unlimited is a platform that follows the same rules as the original and allows players to try to solve a mystery word several times.