Almost all Pogo games and features use pop-ups to display specific information or for user approval. However, you may experience problems while playing a pogo game if a pop-up blocker is installed on your system. To deal with these issues, you have to disable the pop-up blocker for the Pogo game. Therefore, most pop-up blockers can be configured to allow specific and trusted websites such as so that you can open pop-ups when necessary.

How to Fix Pogo Pop up Issues

There are various problems due to pop-up blockers, so the best step is to disable pop-up blockers for pogo games.

  1. My game window never appears – most pogo games appear as pop-ups. When you click the “Play Now” button and no window opens, it means that you have a pop-up blocker installed on your device.
  2. Also, if you click on a game and a window opens, but the game never appears in a new window, the problem is likely caused by your Java plug-in. Once you have confirmed that your pop-up blocker is disabled, you should run a Java plug-in test.
  3.  My table never appears – some multiplayer games such as Spades or Checkers; You must connect to or configure a table to play. However, when you click the Play or Watch button, a notable window opens for this game. This means that you have installed a pop-up blocker.
  4.   I can’t see the player profile – to check the player profile, you have to click on the player’s name in the chat. There you will find an option to “View Profile”. If no player profile window appears when clicking this link, you probably have a pop-up blocker installed.

Steps to disable the pop-up blocker

When you click the game link, you can temporarily disable the pop-up blocker for Pogo games by pressing the control key (CTRL), ALT, or SHIFT. Control, Alt or Shift key. Make sure you hold down the key until a pop-up window appears. You can test whether your pop-up blocker is disabled in this way. Run the pop-up block test again and hold down the (CTRL), ALT, or SHIFT key.

If having a specific key does not disable the pop-up blocker for Pogo games.

Since there are different types of blocking programs, the method of disabling the pop-up blocker is also different for Pogo games. You can still follow a common set of instructions to solve pop-up blocking problems. These steps apply to Internet Explorer and Windows XP. For many browsers, the process is similar.

Check your internet browser toolbar

  • Pop-up blockers usually appear on this toolbar.
  • Go to the View menu at the top of your browser.
  • You will see a menu option for the toolbar under the View menu.
  • In the toolbar, you will see the options for standard buttons and address bars.
  • If there are toolbars listed in the verified form, try disabling them by unchecking them. Then run the pop-up block test again.

Check the “Notification” area near your system clock

Many Internet security programs provide the functionality of pop-up blockers. This is indicated by a small icon near the clock in the corner of your computer screen. Double-click on this small icon and it will show you the instructions on the pop-up blockers. Since each security program is different, you should consult the documentation to disable these pop-up blockers. If you do not have this document, check their official website.

Get help from your browser

  • Also, if the above steps do not work to disable the pop-up blocker, consult your browser’s support system.
  • Access the Help menu at the top of your installed browser.
  • Under Help select the Material and Index option.
  • Look for the words “pop-up” or “popup” in the query box.
  • Disable all checked toolbars by unchecking them on one and try the pop-up blocking test again.

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Note: Site-specific deactivation of pop-up blockers does not work with Pogo. The popup blocker must be completely disabled to work properly on Pogo.