How to Cancel Your Xbox Game Pass Subscription

One of the best subscription services for getting access to old, new, and upcoming video games is Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass. If you need to cancel your subscription for whatever reason, it’s thankfully not difficult to do so and you won’t have to go through any hoops to say goodbye to Game Pass. Here’s how to stop your subscription and stop spending money each month.

Before you start, it’s important to keep in mind that if you cancel, you will lose several the service’s other, less evident advantages. Some of the things you won’t get are discounts on games, access to the Xbox Game Pass games that are already downloaded on your system, and online multiplayer with Xbox Live Gold if you have the Ultimate version of the subscription.

A separate Xbox Live Gold subscription will allow you to reclaim some of these essential features, but you’ll also lose access to Xbox Game Pass cloud gaming and several monthly bonuses for games.

Note: You will discover how to cancel your Xbox Game Pass subscription using a web browser on your PC, phone, or Xbox One after reading this article.

Know: Before Cancel Xbox Game Pass.

  • You must go to the Microsoft Account website and select the “Services and subscriptions” tab to cancel your Xbox Game Pass subscription—or any other Microsoft service, for that matter.
  • Would you like to completely cancel your Xbox Game Pass subscription? You can immediately lose access to games in the Xbox Game Pass library if you cancel your subscription (in case you subscribed to the service only recently).
  • Maybe you just don’t want Microsoft to charge your credit card repeatedly. Then, we advise that you disable recurring billing.

Additionally, we have heard complaints that when you cancel your Xbox Game Pass subscription, occasionally your profile will no longer have access to the titles you purchased. If that occurs, you need to speak with an Xbox professional right away because this is not usual.

How do I cancel an Xbox game pass subscription?

Users of Xbox Game Pass on PCs can manage and cancel their subscriptions online using a web browser. This is something you can access on a tablet, smartphone, or PC.

Step 1: Navigate to the Microsoft Accounts official website.

Step 2: Click the “Sign In” icon in the top right corner of the screen to log into your Microsoft Account.

Step 3: Type your login information when requested. If you want to keep signed in, you will be prompted. If you are using a personal device to access the page, then only click “Yes.”

Select the “Services and subscriptions” page once you have signed in.

Step 4: Find and select Xbox Game Pass from the list of subscriptions on this page to enjoy its extra features.

Step 5: On the following screen, choose “Manage” and then “Cancel subscription.”

You can only stop regular billing if your subscription has charges that are past due, and you have paid them.

Step 6: Repeatedly click the blue “Cancel subscription” button.

You will no longer have access to the membership if you choose to cancel from a recently subscribed account as soon as you do so. Therefore, you should choose to disable recurrent payments if you want the subscription to remain active until its current expiration date.

Why is disabling recurring billing for Xbox Game Pass preferable than cancelling? By disabling recurrent billing, you continue to have access to the games. On the other side, cancelling implies you are immediately terminating the subscription!

How to Stop Xbox Game Pass Recurring Billing?

  1. Use your web browser to navigate to
  2. Log into your account and click on the “Services and subscriptions” tab to find Xbox Game Pass.
  3. The blue “Manage” link must be clicked.
  4. Turn off recurring billing by clicking “Change” on the following screen.

Do you want to convert your annual subscription to a monthly one? Simply select “Switch plan” to accomplish it.

When prompted, choose “Confirm cancellation,” and the associated Credit Card will no longer be charged without your permission. The subscription will require manual payment at the conclusion of each cycle.

What Happens After Cancelling Your Xbox Game Pass Subscription?

After playing the games in the Xbox Game Pass library, you get to keep every milestone you gained. Additionally, the saved games will be accessible on the Xbox Live servers so that you can resume playing the game exactly where you left off the next time you do so (either by buying it or by renewing your subscription).

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