First of all, find the java control panel. just look at the download guidelines to find the java control panel. If you are unable to find it by following the downward guidelines, you can contact the pogo game phone number 1-888-840-1555. The technicians available on the pogo games phone number will guide you to search java control panel in your particular operating system.

How to Fix Pogo Games Crashing, Loading

Enable Java Plugin

Java Control Panel in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

  • Go to the Windows Start menu
  • Click on Programs or All Apps
  • Look for Java Listing
  • Click Configure Java and Open java control panel

Java Control Panel in Windows 8

  • Press Windows logo key+w, you will get a search option
  • Search for java control panel
  • Click on the Icon and open the java control panel.

Java Control Panel in Windows 7, Vista XP

  • Click on Start and go to Control Panel
  • Search for java in Control Panel
  • Click on the icon and open java control panel

Java Control Panel in Mac OSX (10. 7.3 and Above)

  • Go to Apple icon on top left corner of the screen
  • then go to system preferences
  • Click on the Java icon to open Java Control Panel

Enable Java Plugin in the browser form java control panel

  • After opening the java control panel, go to security
  • check enable Java content in the browser
  • click apply and then ok
  • Close and open the browser to apply the changes

Steps to enable Java in Web Browser

  • Go to tools and then choose Internet options
  • Go to Security tab and select the custom level button
  • Scroll down to scripting of java applets
  • Click ok to save your preference

Enable java for Pogo Games in Firefox

  • In the menu click Tools and then go to add ons option
  • under the add-ons, Manager windows go to plugins
  • Select Java (TM) Platform plugin (Windows) or Java applet plugin (Mac)
  • Check that the option selected is asked to activate or always Activate

Enable Java for pogo games in safari

  • Go to preferences after opening safari
  • Choose the Security Option
  • Select allow plugins then click on manage website settings
  • Click on the java item select an option “Allow Always” from the pull-down list when visiting other websites
  • Click Done, then close the safari preferences window

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