Call of Duty Mobile Lagging or Freezing Problem

Do you experience rough and slow Call of Duty mobile gameplay? Want Call of Duty Mobile to stop lagging? Then this post is perfect for yours.  By using the given techniques in the post, you could quickly solve lag and lower ping in COD mobile.

The online battle Royale multiplayer game Call of Duty mobile is truly wonderful, but because of its graphics and other features, many players are experiencing lag and high ping while playing it on their low-end devices.

A survey found that 20% of Call of Duty mobile gamers are facing high ping while playing this game, compared to 55% of players who experience lag. These issues are making gamers less interested in playing COD on mobile.

Even if the Call of Duty game hasn’t been fully optimized, it will soon be for a low-end phone with a chipset like the Snapdragon 625, etc. However, you can use these effective solutions to resolve Call of Duty mobile lag problem.

What specifications are needed to play COD Mobile?

Android Phone:

A minimum of 2GB of RAM Or higher RAM is the better)

Android 5.1 Lollipop or later is required for OS.

iOS Device:

An iPhone 7 or newer is required.

iOS 9 or later is required.

Know: Why do games lag?

When expressing a bad gaming experience, gamers often use a variety of phrases, including “lag.” Others may classify lag as the inability to maintain smooth frames, while some may define it as a delay in terms of response rate (frame rate drops). In a jerky game experience, both characteristics are frequently present, therefore one or both can describe lag. For us, lag is the inability of the device to obtain the necessary data or information when playing games or to maintain a steady connection to a remote server.

Since Call of Duty Mobile is a fast-paced game and even a split-second delay might mean life or death for your character in a fight, lag can seriously ruin the experience for everyone.

Whatever your definition, we’re here to help if you’re experiencing lag or freezing while playing COD Mobile.

How To Fix Call of Duty Mobile Lagging or Freezing Issue?

Now, ping rate or low network latency on online mobile games like Call of Duty: Mobile plays a significant role in an improved gameplay experience, which will undoubtedly help you win battles. A high ping will only cause you to lag, experience frame drops, stutter, and, most significantly, experience network issues, all of which are incredibly annoying for gamers.

Uninstall Unwanted Background-Running Applications.

After extensive use, background running program or tasks not only cause the device to heat up more, but also cause lags and frame drops because there is not enough free RAM. Therefore, if you find that your COD Mobile game is operating slowly or with a larger ping, you should immediately end every background process running in the Multitasking bar, often known as the Recent tab. After that, simply restart your phone to play your Call of Duty Mobile Game smoothly.

Clear COD Mobile’s Cache

Additionally, it is strongly advised to launch an app after clearing its cache.

  • Go to the Call of Duty: Mobile icon on your phone and tap and hold it to bring up menu options.
  • Choose App Info > Go to Storage and select Only Clear Cache.
  • Restart your smartphone after finishing, then play the game.

Clean Up the System Cache.

If your phone, like Samsung’s, uses a system cache, you can try refreshing the cache to see if it will improve game performance. How it works in a Samsung device is as follows:

  • Shut down the gadget.
  • Hold the Bixby / Power key and the Volume Up key simultaneously.
  • Release both keys after the green Android logo appears (‘Installing system update’ will appear for roughly 30 to 60 seconds before the Android system recovery menu options appear).
  • Now, the menu for the recovery screen will show up. Release the buttons when you see this.
  • Press the Volume Down button until “Wipe cache partition” is highlighted.
  • Select “Wipe cache partition” by pressing the Power button.
  • Turn down the volume to emphasize Yes.
  • For the cache to be cleared, press the Power button to complete the procedure.
  • Wait a few moments as the system clears the cache.
  • To restart the device, press the Power button one more. The device’s regular interface will be restored as a result.

Resolve Pending Updates

Whether a software update for your smartphone has been on hold for some time or there are several pending app upgrades, make sure to update them all correctly. Go to the Google Play Store or the App Store first, and then choose “Update All.”

The upcoming app or game updates will be downloaded and installed automatically one at a time. Keep in mind that recent upgrades not only add new functionality or make other enhancements, but they also fix any faults or bugs so that everything functions flawlessly. Restart your device after finishing the procedure to check for Call of Duty Mobile lag or greater ping.

Turn off Power Saving Mode.

Poor performance could result from trying to save energy while playing games. Restarting the game will help the condition, therefore disable any power saving features on your device.

Check Your Internet Connection.

Make sure to carefully test your device’s internet connection to see if it is functioning properly.

If you are having trouble connecting to the network, try to resolve the connection first, and then recheck for lagging.

Slower data speeds can possibly also be brought on by slower mobile data or a daily usage cap. Therefore, either increase your data limit and speed or switch to a broadband connection so that you may utilise the router’s Wi-Fi.

Additionally, if everything is in working order and you are still experiencing the problem, put on Airplane Mode on your phone, hold it for a short period of time, and then turn it off to re-establish network connectivity. Now start playing and turn on Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Turn off The VPN on Your Device.

Virtual Private Network is a VPN. We do not advise using a VPN service when gaming if your game just operates on mobile data or a Wi-Fi network.

Along with changing the server location, it also results in increased latency (ping). Thus, as you play for longer periods of time, lag will start to get worse. Therefore, try turning off your VPN service or moving to a nearby area and see if that makes a difference.

COD Game Mobile Help Centre

However, if your problems continue even after attempting all the above solutions, we advise you to get in touch with the Call of Duty: Mobile Help Centre (Remote Support) for further information.

Finally, we hope that you found this information to be useful for yours. Please feel free to post more questions in the comment section below.

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