Why does my Origin update keep failing? We’re sure you’ve heard of the Origin gaming platform by now, especially if you’re a PC gamer. Electronic Arts (EA) owns and maintains the platform, and while updating Origin is very simple, there are times when it goes completely wrong. The following error message has been reported by users:

  • Error with the Origin Update
  • It was not possible to finish your update.
EA origin update error
EA origin update error

Why should you update Origin?

So, if Origin cannot be updated to the most recent version, consumers will be unable to play their favorite video games that are loaded on their Windows 11/10 machine. This is something you do not want to happen if you play video games frequently.

Error with the Origin Update- It was not possible to finish your update.

There are a variety of solutions to this problem, and as promised, we will go over each one. However, in most cases, the problem is caused by Origin’s cache; so, clearing the cache is the most sensible first action to take. We’ll show you how to do so, as well as additional choices if clearing the cache doesn’t work-but before you start, we recommend using the Disk Clean-up Tool to clean up your computer.

  • Open the Run dialogue box.
  • Navigate to the Program Data folder.
  • Files in the Origin folder should be deleted.
  • Go to the Updata directory.
  • Delete everything in the Origin folder.
  • Finally, turn off the Origin Client Service when the computer starts up.

How to Fix EA Origin Update Error?

1, open the Run dialogue box.

You must hit the Windows key + R buttons on your keyboard to open the Run box. A little window will appear in the bottom-left corner of your computer’s desktop once this is completed.

2. Go to the Program Data folder and double-click it.

The following step is to navigate to the Program Data folder. Simply type percent Program Data% into the Run dialogue box and press the Enter or OK button. The Program Data folder should now be visible, but be wary of the other folders.

3. Delete any files found in the Origin folder.

You’ll need to seek a folder called Origin once you’ve entered the folder. Enter the folder in question and delete everything except Local Content.

4. Open the Appdata directory.

We want you to open the Run dialogue box once more, put “%AppData%” in the box area, and then press the Enter key. This should allow you to load the AppData folder without any problems.

5. Delete the entire contents of the Origin folder.

Look for Origin in the AppData folder and delete the information within it. If you like, you can also erase the entire folder. Finally, restart your computer and verify that EA Origin is functioning properly.

6. During start-up, disable the Origin Client Service.

According to what we’ve collected, multiple people have indicated that completing this task helped them solve the problem. So, let’s talk about how to accomplish it the simplest way possible.

Search for MSConfig using the Start Menu button on your keyboard. Select System Configuration from the search results. Once the window has loaded, go to the Services tab and check the box labeled Hide all Microsoft services.

The next step is to read through the list for Origin Client Service and uncheck it straight immediately.

Restart your computer after pressing Apply > OK.

Finally, test whether you can update the client.