Is your PS4 giving you the WS-37403-7 error? For months, we’ve been receiving a growing number of reports about this mistake, and at first, we assumed it would go away when Sony addressed the issue. Because the problem hasn’t gone away since last year, we’ve chosen to update our advice on how to repair it.

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s PlayStation 4 is one of the most popular gaming consoles on the market. Because of its incredible exclusives and smooth gameplay, it has a player base of more than 80 million people. There have recently been numerous reports of the “WS-37403-7” Error on PlayStation 4, which prevents the user from logging into their PS4 account.

Follow the solutions in this troubleshooting article to figure out what you need to do about this issue.

WS-37403-7 Error on PlayStation 4

What is PS4 WS-37403-7 error?

Many PS4 customers have reported receiving error code WS-37403-7 for no apparent reason. According to our research, many of these gamers have had connectivity issues, such as being unable to run applications or games, or seeing a further notice that they do not have a PS Plus subscription.

There’s no need to be concerned about Error WS-37403-7 because it doesn’t indicate a severe problem with your PS4 or PlayStation subscription.

What causes the PS4 WS-37403-7 error?

This error code could be caused by one of three basic factors. Let’s have a look at each of them in more detail below.

There is a problem with the server.

The error code WS-37403-7 is usually a server-related issue, and all you have to do now is ignore it and check again later. You will most likely be unable to reconnect if you tried to go to the PlayStation Store, play online, or if you were in a multiplayer match and were disconnected.

You could try reconnecting a few times to see if it works. Continue troubleshooting by looking for other probable reasons for the problem if repeated reconnection attempts fail.

A problem with the local network.

For others, the error code WS-37403-7 may be caused by a problem with their internet connection. Your PS4 may be unable to maintain a good connection with the servers if your local network has stopped working, or if the connection is slow or disconnecting, resulting in this message.

Restarting your PS4 and your router are two options for resolving problem WS-37403-7. Refreshing the network connection in this manner might be a quick and effective solution to resolve connectivity issues.

Software that has been corrupted.

In a few rare cases, the WS-37403-7 error is caused by a problem with the PS4 software rather than the servers, PlayStation network, or local network. Make sure the software on your console is up to date.

If you are unable to update your PS4 through the Internet, you can do a manual update.

How can I repair the PS4 issue WS-37403-7?

Anyone trying to fix the problem WS-37403-7 can try one of the remedies we’ve provided. Make sure to complete these solutions in the order given so that you can eliminate components in a logical order.

Make sure everything is up to date.

Before you do anything, make sure your PS4 is running the most recent software version. This is especially important if you play primarily offline and your console does not receive frequent firmware upgrades.

Examine the server for any problems.

As previously stated, a problem with Sony servers could be the cause of the error WS-37403-7 on your PS4 console. As a result, one of the most crucial things you should do is check if there are any known PlayStation network issues at this time. You can do so in one of two ways: through your PS4 network settings or by visiting the official Sony website.

How can I check the network status on my PS4?

To check the status of PlayStation Network Services, go to:

  • Go to the PS4’s main menu.
  • Select your options.
  • Choose your network.
  • View the PlayStation Network Services status by selecting View the PlayStation Network Services status.

How can I check the network status on the Sony website?

If you want to learn more about Sony’s suspected server troubles, go to

Log out and then log back in again.

There could be a problem with your PSN account if your PS4 console is properly updated and there are no known server issues. You can try logging out of your current account, restarting your PS4, and then signing back in.

Troubleshoot your local network.

A problem with your own internet connection can also produce the PS4 WS-37403-7 error code. You can try simple network troubleshooting techniques like:

Check for slow internet or occasional connection issues by rebooting the router.

We recommend that you contact your Internet Service Provider if you don’t know how to accomplish these things or if you need more information about what you need to do in your specific home setup.

If you use a wireless connection at home, try using an ethernet connection from the router to see if the error code WS-37403-7 goes away.